The Curse in the Gift

The Curse in the Gift

- Libro 2

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For Sorial of Vantok, claiming his heritage as the first Earth-wizard in 1000 years was the easy part. Now, with the dreaded Lord of Fire amassing an army in the Deep South, the hard part begins. With the gods having abdicated responsibility for their creations, the world of Ayberia is left to fend for itself with the custodian wizards lining up to battle each other for control.

As Sorial goes into seclusion to learn control of his powers, his lover Alicia becomes a pawn in a high-stakes game. Accompanied by three stalwart companions, she travels to the North, shadowed by assassins and marked for death. In Widows’ Pass, the treacherous path through the Broken Crags Mountain Range, she experiences a tragedy that threatens to end not only her quest but her life. Meanwhile, in the city of Vantok, King Azarak faces betrayal and civil war. He learns that Prelate Ferguson, the religious leader, has committed treason - an act that cannot go unanswered. When Sorial emerges from isolation, it’s to broken promises, a missing fiancé, and a world on the brink of chaos.


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