The Butterfly Garden : A Gripping Thriller

The Butterfly Garden : A Gripping Thriller

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A fake suicide … bankruptcy is saved … 20 years after …

"I live in hell ever since, dragging my skeleton along filthy streets full of rubbish and trashy people.
But I lived another life, a perfect and colorful life. Now I can only remember parts of it, my memories became foggy and the few ones I still have, I can only remember bits of my past when I stop in an old ladies house asking for something to eat, and while I eat I walk in a small garden full of flowers and butterflies in bright colors flying careless all around me. They fly around me as I didn’t exist and they remember me I still breathe, they are that bit of living species who can attract my attention because I think about my son when I see these delicate and beautiful full of life species...
Tired of giving my body for a bottle of wine and being beaten frequently by men, I snapped and killed a man, begging to be killed next to put out my life of misery at once.
The past returns to haunt me down with no mercy. What have I done to deserve such misery and pain that I try to keep numb with wine on a daily basis.
I am unable of having feelings anymore, I feel completely dead inside…and now when I thought I couldn’t lower anymore, I killed a man…"

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