The Burglar in the Closet

The Burglar in the Closet

- Libro 2

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It's hard to ignore someone with his hands in your mouth. Bernie Rhodenbarr's all ears when Dr. Sheldrake, his dentist, starts complaining about his detestable, soon-to-be-ex wife, and happens to mention the valuable diamonds she keeps lying around the apartment. Since Bernie's been known to supplement his income as a bookstore owner with the not-so-occasional bout of high-rise burglary, a couple of nights later he's in the Sheldrake apartment with larceny on his mind -- and has to duck into a closet when the lady of the house makes an unexpected entrance. Unfortunately he's still there when an unseen assailant does Mrs. Sheldrake in . . . and then vanishes with the jewels.

Bernie's got to come out of the closet some time. But when he does, he'll be facing a rap for a murder he didn't commit -- and for a burglary he certainly attempted -- unless he can hunt down the killer who left him hanging.

The Bernie Rhodenbarr series has garnered lavish praise from major media and the public alike, and with good reason. Now the series has returned to introduce a whole new audience to the criminal capers of Bernie, everyone's favorite burglar! In this engaging novel, Bernie agrees to help a friend retrieve an object from his ex-wife's house. Something goes wrong during the job, however, leaving Bernie holding the bag for a murder he didn't commit. Ads in Entertainment Weekly. HC: Dutton. (Fiction--Mystery)

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