Steel Beneath the Skin

Steel Beneath the Skin

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The idea was simple enough for the alien race who took Aneka Jansen from Earth in 2011. Take a human, make her into a perfect tool to observe humanity from the inside, and so determine how best to advance this young race into their future. Unfortunately for them, and her, their plans went awry, and Aneka became the only survivor on a dead ship marooned in deep space.

Only by chance was the derelict discovered and Aneka revived to discover that the world she knew is long gone and she must learn to live on a New Earth, in a body which is not her own. Aneka died a thousand years ago, and all that is left of her is a computer emulation of her mind running on a quantum computer inside a body of steel, plastic, and synthetic skin.

Is she really still the woman she thinks she is?

(Contains adult scenes. Not suitable for younger readers.)

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