Song of the Surf (Pacific Shores Book 3)

Song of the Surf (Pacific Shores Book 3)

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There’s a song the surf sings…but even though Dakota Trask lives on the shore of the Pacific, she’s just discovering how to hear it. 

One poor choice, made the summer before her senior year in high school, set in motion events that have haunted her ever since. But she’s only now learning how far the consequences spread, and how many people have been impacted. 

Justus Teague has given the past eight years of his life to serving delinquent boys. For most of that time he would have unequivocally stated that his work made a difference and changed lives. But now one of his boys has altered all that. Justus is no longer sure his ministry matters. 

What he is sure of is the woman with soft blue eyes and a haunted soul who makes him feel alive and whole. The woman who makes him want to protect her with every fiber of his being. And for that very reason, the woman he can never have.
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