Sold (Alien Space Pirates 2) (SciFi Romance)

Sold (Alien Space Pirates 2) (SciFi Romance)

- Libro 2

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They say that no one can hear you scream in space, but what about cry like a big fat baby...?

Get abducted by aliens? Check
Get put up for auction on a giant "dark market" trade planet? Check
Despise the big alien jerk who kidnapped and sold me in the first place? Check
Stop making stupid checklists? Check

So I'm on a scary and inhospitable planet and I'm fairly certain everyone here wants to make Dani Tacos out of me. Life sort of sucks right now. So why is it that all I can think about is the blue jerk who kidnapped me and be pissed that he actually sold me? 

Sigh. I always prioritized poorly...
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