Silent War

Silent War

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'Return to Mars is an entertaining read, a good example of the bread and butter of the genre' -- Vector on RETURN TO MARS 'A splendid book . . of his many books, Mars must be the most important.' -- Arthur C. Clarke on MARS 'Slick pacing,techincally competent.' -- dreamberry PRAISE FOR BEN BOVA: 'Bova is close to being the perfect hard SF writer ... despite his position as one of the genre's grand masters, his almost youthful enthusiasm for high technology and astronomy pervades every page ... infectious and refreshing ... Bova creates some psychologically deep and haunting characters that raise the series together to a new level of excellence ... The Silent War is a superlative end to an excellent trilogy.' Vector 237 20041001 'Flying the flag for good old-fashioned SF a la Asimov and Clarke. One of the biggest names in this old-school arena is Ben Bova, and the latest episode in his Asteroid Wars sequence delivers enough rollicking entertainment and intrigue ... another complex tale of feuding, revenge and life amongst the stars ... his biggest strength is a convincing grasp of science, and every aspect of this future world contains the correct levels of edgy realism, while there's no danger of the plot staying still long enough for boredom to be an issue.' SFX on The Silent War 20041101 'An epic space novel by an award-winning SF scribe.' Books Magazine 20041101 'Extraordinary ... this kind of story is the reason science fiction exists in the first place.' Orson Scott Card 20041101 'Bova is a masterful storyteller and the narrative is compelling, almost hypnotic.' Vector 20041101 'Another attention-grabbing entry in a series that continues to grow in stature, scope and complexity. Once again, Bova in top form.' Kirkus Reviews 20041101 'I believe that the science fiction author who will have the greatest effect on the world is Ben Bova.' Ray Bradbury 20041101

About the Author

An award-winning editor, President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, Ben Bova is also the author of more than ninety futuristic novels and non-fiction books. RETURN TO MARS, MARS, DEATH DREAM, BROTHERS and the two novels in the Moonbase saga - Moonrise and Moonwar - are the most recent. He and his wife live in Florida.

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