Paint Black

Paint Black

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When a pitch means more than a baseball game…

When a game is a matter of life or death…

When winning is everything…

The game stops being a game.

Twenty-four year old Ryan Haddox has invested 6 years of his life toiling in the minor leagues working toward his big break to reach the major leagues.

“We want to set up a Southern Side-by-Side,” says Panther manager Clarence “Sonny” Ramsey, putting into motion a competition that will decide the fate of two men.

The competition is a Winner Take All pitching contest between Ryan and rookie pitching sensation, Dalton Young, the Panther’s number one draft pick and a sure shot major league prospect.

“The winner will be decided on ERA, innings pitched, strike outs and walks, and most important: wins and losses. Come September 1st, we’ll chart up all the totals and the pitcher with the best record will be sent up to the parent club.”

For once in his life, Ryan believes that everything is falling into place for him and he will be able to accomplish his goals and attain the success that he’s struggled for all of these years.

“I can win this thing, Stephanie,” he tells his wife, believing that he will win the competition.

With a newborn baby boy to care for, Ryan pitches with perfection to achieve his dreams and to provide for his family.

Then, on the brink of winning the competition, an obstacle materializes before him that seams unsurmountable.

A great pain threatens to destroy his dreams.

Adopting a “must win” mentality, Ryan risks everything, including his pitching arm, to overcome the pain and make it to the major leagues.

Full of baseball action and realism, Paint Black will return you to childhood summer days when playing baseball was still an American Dream.


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