Owned: An Alpha Anthology

Owned: An Alpha Anthology

Prepare to be Owned... 

Lose yourself in this collection of never before seen novellas from eleven best selling authors from around the globe. 

And the best part - they contain controlling alphas, feisty females and story lines that will have you holding your breath. 

Don't miss out on this great anthology by: 

Lilliana Anderson – Deep Cover: Case 001
Chelle Bliss – Resisting
Callie Hart – Rebel **
Lesley Jones – Reed **
Jani Kay – Debonaire
Nina Levine – All Your Reasons
Lyra Parish – Single, Volume 1
Lila Rose – Finding Out
Lili Saint Germain – Venice Ink
Pepper Winters – Forbidden Flaws **

PLEASE NOTE: There are several novellas that are complete and a few that are previews of full novels that will be released at a later time. The stories with an asterisk (**) beside them are previews of full novels. All others are complete. 

There are also some that are series starters. 

The Owned: An Alpha Anthology will only be available for a limited time and is intended for a mature audience.
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