Out of the Darkness: Taken by the Panter 1 (Taken by the Panther, 1)

Out of the Darkness: Taken by the Panter 1 (Taken by the Panther, 1)

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A Former SEAL Panther Shifter - a Tough, curvy BBW in Search of Answers

Curvy Tara Morland has always known there was something different about her, but she never knew why. Then one day, the panther took over her mind and transformed her body, and her world was forever broken.

Former SEAL and panther shifter Chay “Beane” Bane has made a career of rescuing other shifters in difficult situations, secreting them in his vast compound far from the prying eyes of the government. But when rescues her from a military facility, he isn’t prepared for what he finds.  Tara is a twenty-four-year-old, older than any natural-born panther shifter should be. 

But to find answers, Tara will have to learn to control the beast within herself.  And Chay must grapple with discovering what he thought he’d never have.

>>> New Adult Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

The Aethereal Bonds world presents sensual stories within a fully imagined urban fantasy world, replete with vampires, werewolves, demons, and faes. The Cora's Choice series follows the story of Cora in a twist on a classic coming-of-age tale as she is thrust into this strange new world.

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