My White Billionaire Bundle (BWWM Billionaire Romance)

My White Billionaire Bundle (BWWM Billionaire Romance)

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Book One:
Bent over his lap, I anticipated the smack. The heavy pale hand coming down, the explosion of pain, the need for him to do it again...
Working at the most prestigious hotel in the Big Apple should be every college girl's dream job. Celebrities, politicians and royalty all coming and going, deciding the fate of the world. But on my very first day, my dream job almost turned into a nightmare! The man who hired me was fired, and I had to prove myself to the manager to keep the job.

And that meant servicing the needs of the billionaire Mr. Stannis. I'd always been down with the swirl, but there was something else about this man. Not just the great looks or the money. He had an authority to him, a voice that commanded respect and obedience. And I was ready to obey.

Over five thousand words of a submissive woman of color being tied up and bent over by a white alpha male!

Book Two:
I looked up at him, my gorgeous white dom. On all fours, collared and leashed, I was eager to please him...
How can one man be such a force of sexual power? Sure, he's tall, gorgeous and confident enough to head a multibillion dollar media conglomerate. But in the bedroom, he cuts right through all the BS. He speaks, I obey. However he wants me, he takes me. It's starting to feel like I'm in over my head, but that's when I just want to dive in.

Over five thousand words of a submissive woman of color being strapped into a mounting chair by a dominant white alpha male!

Book Three:
He looked down at me, his hand frozen in mid air. My ass already bore two big red hand prints, but I didn't care. I wiggled my ass at him and waited for the next spank, each one making me more wet...
No one else understands the relationship between Mr. Stannis and I, and how far we've come. Tonight would be the ultimate proving ground. It was a big party at the Hotel. All the big wigs were showing up, and debauchery was on the menu. I hoped my billionaire dom and I would give them a swirl show to remember!

Over seven thousand words of a submissive woman of color being punished and taken by a dominant white alpha male billionaire!

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