Milked by her Alien Master

Milked by her Alien Master

- Libro 1

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To become a concubine to the new rulers of Earth, I submit to testing to see if I have what it takes.
I do. I respond to the serum that makes me lust and lactate. And I'm helpless against the orgasms the doctor gives me on the exam table. My entire life has led to this and I'm chosen to live with the larger than life Neliousians.

Getterus and Nerrita claim me as their breeder. But I never could have imagined exactly what they expect of me.

(Mars Needs Women, Alien sex, Monster sized, breeding, f/f, m/f, m/f/f, breastfeeding fetish, adult breastfeeding, lactation fetish, exam table sex, fisting, concubine, menage, orgy)
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