Highlander’s Need: Winter Solestice (Against All Odds Series 4)

Highlander’s Need: Winter Solestice (Against All Odds Series 4)

- Libro 4

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Winter Solestice In The Highlands

True love beats everything or does it? A sensual power struggle in the Scottish Highlands — the rightful heir and the worthiest warrior.

Dagmar and Aila are on the verge of merging their countrymen together. They’ve come to realize that there is strength in the numbers that overtook to Romans. Still, there is plenty to disagree about. Dagmar can’t concede defeat, especially to a woman and Aila is hell bent on ruling, as it is a right she’s fit to claim.

Well beyond strong willed, Aila Forsberg isn’t keen on being Hail’s match for Dagmar, even if it gets her the throne she wants. Can peril bring her heart around, or will these two take their fight to the grave? As the winter solstice dawns, perhaps Dagmar can change her mind in time to save the village’s fun loving spirit.

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