Heart of the Sun

Heart of the Sun

- Libro 1

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A war based on cultural misunderstandings with the alien Karalian race has plagued Humans for over two hundred years. Thrust into this war is Alan Watson-Karvakian, a patriotic fighter pilot who fights in the war to protect his family back on Earth. He believes with all his heart that he’s defending Earth from a wicked alien race hellbent on its destruction.

Everything’s about to change for Alan. When his ship crash-lands on contested planet Rinax One, he meets Karalian Vash Zor’Vina, who rocks Alan’s expectations by saving his life. Vash is being pursued by Karalian commandoes determined to execute him, and Alan finds himself mired in complex Karalian social issues. He’ll have to re-evaluate his views if he wants to save Vash, and come to the understanding that not everything he’s been told by his government is the truth.

Add the fact that Vash is attractive and stirring in a way that Alan hasn’t felt in years, and the stage is set for an internal struggle that will take both of them past differences, politics, and personal doubts into a romance that will change their lives forever.

A story written for the Goodreads Gay Science Fiction Group’s 500 Member Challenge, based on the following prompt from user Bluesky39:

“I would like to read about a future human race at war with an alien race. Two soldiers, one from each side, are the only survivors left on an alien planet and have to work together to survive. They should fall in love and have an HEA but the conflict between the races doesn’t have to be resolved. Maybe our heroes escape to another galaxy or find asylum on a neutral planet. The military aspect and the clash between the differing races and cultures are key to the story.”

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