Hawkmoon: The Runestaff

Hawkmoon: The Runestaff

- Libro 4

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"The greatest writer of post-Tolkien British fantasy."
--Michael Chabon, _New York Times bestselling author of The Yiddish Policemen's Union

_"If you are at all interested in fantastic fiction, you must read Michael Moorcock. He changed the field single-handedly: he's a giant. He has kept me entertained, shocked, and fascinated for as long as I have been reading."
--Tad Williams, New York Times bestselling author of the Otherland series

Product Description

In Michael Moorcock’s vast and imaginative multiverse, Law and Chaos wage war in a never-ending struggle over the fundamental rules of existence. Here, in this universe, Dorian Hawkmoon traverses a world of antique cities, scientific sorcery, and crystalline machines as he pulled unwillingly into a war that pits him against the ruthless and dominating armies of Granbretan.

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