Creation in Death

Creation in Death

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From Publishers Weekly

At 27 books and counting, Nora Roberts is more prolific under her Robb pseudonym than most authors manage in a single career. Yet the latest in her not-so-near-future detective series featuring New York Police Det. Eve Dallas offers a satisfyingly novel mélange of suspense, sex, forensics and heroics. It's 2060, and the serial killer nicknamed The Groom is back in town after an absence of nine years, resuming his horrific run of kidnapping, torturing and killing young women. Dallas, who served as a detective in the frustrating first investigation, assumes lead role in this one. This time, not only do the killer's chosen victims have ties to Dallas's husband, Roarke, but Dallas herself may be the killer's ultimate target. Swiftly paced, the story cuts frequently from the investigation to the killer's progress with his victims. Dallas works to outplan, outfight and outsmart the killer; to keep her handsome, rich husband happy; and to be ready for the next round after a good night's sleep. Robb's latest is bound to please Dallas fans. (Nov.)
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All the elements of a terrific police procedural coupled with gut- searing emotional drama and in-your-face characters that only a writer of Nora Roberts' caliber can deliver.
— David Baldacci

Whether she writes as J.D. Robb or under her own name, I love Nora Roberts. She is a woman who just doesn’t know how to tell a bad story. Creation in Death is an authentic page turner, with Eve Dallas—tough as nails and still sexy as hell—pitted against one of the year’s creepiest super villains. If you haven’t read Robb, this is a great place to start.
— Stephen King

"Anchored by terrific characters, sudden twists that spin the whole narrative on a dime, and a thrills-to-chills ratio that will raise the neck hairs of even the most jaded reader, the J.D. Robb books are the epitome of great popular fiction."
—Dennis Lehane

“There's no such thing as too much Nora Roberts. All the books are good, and they keep getting better. Creation in Death, written in her J.D. Robb persona, is a complete pleasure. Wonderful!”
—Robert B. Parker

“Compelling characters, absorbing mysteries and a wonderful sense of both time and place, JD Robb's "In Death" novels are can't-miss pleasures.”
—Harlan Coben

“Creation in Death is a witty, dark, page-turning tale of futuristic crime fighting. Raymond Chandler meets Blade Runner meets Silence of the Lambs. The techno-toys may change, but evil never does.”
—Jonathan Kellerman

“J.D. Robb (you-know-who!) has written a taut, nerve-jangling, thriller that draws the reader in from the start and rolls you over the dancing ball bearings of a futuristic police procedural that moves seamlessly and unrelentingly forward. The quality of the prose and the sharpness of the dialogue will delight and even surprise the reader. I know it did me. AS IF she needed it: but now she has yet another loyal fan.”
—Ridley Pearson

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