Captured by her Alien Guard

Captured by her Alien Guard

- Libro 2

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I was abducted by aliens for breeding. Injected with a serum, I found myself mated to Setterus, the guard I’d secretly lusted over in his visits to Earth. To make him mine and fit into this new, strange culture, I have to accept my new position. Taking what I want and taking pleasure is new to me, but I’m willing to learn. And I’m more than willing to use their lust to conquer these larger than life aliens, including the dominating Sir Vorreka, an alien master who aches for his own mate.

** This is the second story in the Alien Masters series. It can be read alone but follows directly from #1 Milked by her Alien Masters **

(Kidnapped, Mars Needs Women, Alien abduction, Alien sex, Monster cock, breeding, m/f, m/m, m/m/f, m/f/m, fisting, spanking, concubine, menage, power plays, orgy, anal, dildo) 
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