Bound Together

Bound Together

- Libro 1

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This is a story about magic, cohabitation, loneliness, girls who love girls, investigating the arcane and survival in a supernatural world hidden from the eyes of modern civilization.

Karin Ashley doesn't expect much from life anymore. At twenty-nine and single, with a family she loves but doesn't quite understand, Karin works a job she hates as a security officer at the Federal Records & Licensing Agency. Called in late one night to respond to an electronic break-in, she is caught in the middle of a power struggle between a familiar human lust for power and a deeper evil called forth from the stuff of nightmares.

Karin's desperate struggle to survive that terrifying night has left her soul bound to the Relic, a blessed blade that kills evil. Armed with the specter-slaying sword and accompanied by the fiery fox spirit imbued within, the two are simultaneously recruited by a secret supernatural crisis management agency and pursued by those who would reclaim the Relic for their own dark ends. Thrust headlong into a world suddenly gone mad, will the new bonds they forge together prove to be the strongest yet?

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