Blaze of Fury

Blaze of Fury

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Ice has been favored by the Shasta realm—a gap between mortal and immortal worlds where human spirits join those of their ordained animal spirit to become shifters. Those chosen receive one name, which embraces the nature of their soul. He…is a stone-cold killer, but only in the name of justice.

After twenty-two years of hell, Sasha finally escapes the people that have tormented her for over two decades. Her freedom came with a high price—the loss of her oldest daughter. Now the sharks are circling again. This time she’ll do whatever it takes to save the only family she has left.

Ice is surprised when he meets the woman who secretly contacted him to kill not one—but three men! She does not look like a killer. When she offers him the little money she has, he refuses. This is a job he will do for free.

Can a man who put his heart on ice decades ago and a woman who lost the ability to trust find love on common ground? Or will they go their separate ways once the deed is done?

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