Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf

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Sexy alpha-male werewolf, Zane, welcomed Nikki into his pack when hers self-destructed. Throughout the years, Nikki fought with honor and moved up in the ranks until the only female above her was alpha-female, Sara, and she did it without taking a single life.

Sara has proven to be a vindictive and petty alpha, and when Zane begins to lavish more attention on Nikki and spend less time bedding her and breaking in the newer members of the pack, Sara lashes out with a vengeance. Sara only cares about herself and her power within the pack and will stop at nothing to hold on to it and to Zane.

A devastating loss and a rogue attack convince Nikki that the time has come for a new alpha-female. Can Nikki stop the power hungry Sara from hurting another innocent? Can she win the heart of sexy Zane?

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