A Paw-Sible Theory: A Murfy the Cat Mystery

A Paw-Sible Theory: A Murfy the Cat Mystery

- Libro 1

When Ethan Hille discovers his mother Alyx slumped over her kitchen table, bleeding profusely from a gash in her head, he suspects foul play. Who would want to hurt Alyx? Surely, her three cats--two small females, Misty and Pooky, and the old master, Murfy--couldn't know, although they do seem very distressed over their mistress's condition. The police investigator, Detective Smarts, is immediately suspicious of Ethan, wondering if the young man bashed his mom in the head earlier and then left, only to return a short time later to "discover" the injured woman. Neighbors had heard mother and son arguing--ostensibly about Ethan's spending habits. The evidence quickly mounts and, before Alyx recovers and is released from the hospital, Ethan has been accused of attempted murder and is sent to jail. Unfortunately, Alyx did not see her attacker and has no way to exonerate her son--or does she? Maybe if she'd just pay attention to "advice" from her cat Murfy, who is trying with all his might to tell her the real story of what happened--and what might yet happen--she might just save herself and her son. At least, that is one PAW-SIBLE THEORY.

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