A Christmas to Bear

A Christmas to Bear

- Libro 5

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of going home to the family for Christmas.

And that’s exactly why Aria’s chosen to avoid hers like the plague and head to the quiet mountain town of Wolf Rock to ski, celebrate single life and admire the male shifter population from afar.
Funny how a little accident can turn a girl’s world upside down. Lucian is a sexy, reclusive polar bear shifter who’s stayed out of humanity’s way for ages, and he expects humanity to return the favour. That includes clumsy women who aren’t great at skiing but are remarkably gifted at smashing into trees.

Will the laws of attraction trump the laws of common sense? Probably. It is Christmas, after all. The season of mistletoe, warm hearths and the warmest hearts.

This is a novella in the Wolf Rock Shifters Series, originally published as part of Kiss of Christmas Magic, an anthology of Christmas works by well-known paranormal authors.

Due to some explicit content, it's recommended for readers 18+. Happy Holidays to all!

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